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Last updated on 7th March 2017

As the free service of Blogbooker now (seems to have been this way for many months now) limits blogbook generation to one year period, and a max. of 3 such blogbooks in a period of six months, I was not in a position to create a blogbook for the whole of this blog.
Here are three one year blogbooks that I created recently, using the blog xml archive dated 6th Mar. 2017:

1) From 10th March 2016 to 6th March 2017, File size: 5.87 MB, Pages: 752
2) From 10th March 2015 to 9th March 2016, File size: 6.47 MB, Pages: 824
3) From 10th March 2014 to 9th March 2015, File size: < 1.0 MB, Pages: 208

For earlier to 10th March 2014 posts, readers may want to use this pdf having whole blog contents generated on 21st Feb. 2016 (and so has older version of any post that was updated after 21st Feb. 2016). The File size is 6.02 MB, and number of pages in it are 890.

The document (and this blog) is about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other spiritual & religious matters.

The pdf(s) mentioned above was/were automatically created using the free service provided by the website If some users are happy with the downloaded blogbook and are in a position to donate to the donations based free website, I request them to do so, I have not donated to the site as I have retired from commercial work and try to serve society through this free blog and other free social media writings of mine. So if others who benefit from this blogbook and are in a position to donate, do so, it will be appropriate. I would be happy to be informed about such donations and could put that up here (or in a separate page with only summary info. put up here) to inform other readers.

Readers may also want to view this page, All my blogbooks publicly accessible on Google Drive; Permission for free reuse,, dated October 12th, 2015.


MAINLY FOR TECH-SAVVY kind of people [Non. tech savvy people may get put off with the technical details.]

For those readers who would like to explore other format options for this document (like Word or Libre) I decided to provide the input file to the process of making a blog book, namely the XML export file(s) of this blog in this publicly accessible Google Drive folder instead. The folder is publicly accessible with this link:

[Note that older versions of files are moved to Old folder in above folder.]

Clicking the individual xml file entry in the folder will open up the xml file in the viewer. There is a download button on the top & centre of the xml viewer window pane which can be used to get a downloaded xml file, which can then be provided as the input file for the process given below to produce a blog-book pdf file.

The xml filename format is blog-MM-DD-YYYY. [7th March 2017 update: Now the date format in filename is YYYY-MM-DD and is at the beginning of the file name. Also the blog name is part of the filename. E.g. 2017-03-06-ravisiyer-blog.xml]

The safe procedure to generate a blogbook using an xml export file is as follows:

1) Download the above mentioned xml export file onto your local computer.

2) Go to the link of blogbooker site for creating a book from blogger xml export files:

3) In that web page, provide the downloaded xml export file on your computer as the "Blogger XML Export", "Choose File" input box.

4) Type in in the "Blog url" field.

5) If you want you may modify the options for the generated book, given below in the web page (like Paper Size, Font, Header/Footer).

[Update: Now one has to choose a one year period as longer periods are blocked for free service users. Note that one can avoid uploading xml document again within a session by going to blogbooker home and choosing to print pdf again. Blogbooker remembers the uploaded the xml document within that session. One can change the date range and get another pdf. This can be done two times, thereby generating three pdf documents for the same uploaded xml file.]

6) Click on the "Create your Blogbook" button. Note that the automatic generation may take some time (if I recall correctly, it was around twenty minutes for a 3 MB size XML export file).

--------- end blogbook generate instructions --------

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