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Last updated on 21st Feb. 2016

I have put all the autogenerated blogbooks (using and the source xml export files of my blogs listed below, on a public Google Drive folder here:

List of my blogs

1) Ravi S. Iyer's Spiritual Blog; This blog is about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other spiritual & religious matters,

2) Indian CS & IT Academic Reform Activism; Peaceful and Amicable Indian Computer Science (CS) & Information Technology (IT) Academic Reform Activism,

3) Ravi S. Iyer: Misc. Topics,

4) I am I; THE Ultimate Answer to THE Existential Reality Question,

5) Ravi S. Iyer's Software Lab. Courses; RAVI IYER TEACHES PROGRAMMING,

6), [The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) activity on this blog has been suspended since December 2011 or around that time. Once in a long while, I do put up some miscellaenous tech. matters on the blog.], [Note that the url/link redirects users to this blog.]

Permission to freely reuse MY CONTENT of/on above blogs
Dated 12th October, 2015. Place: Puttaparthi, India. Author: Ravi S. Iyer

I hereby grant permission to anybody, anywhere to freely reuse (including adaptation) any of MY CONTENT on any of my above blogs (and/or the corresponding blogbooks), provided they give a reference to the original source (i.e. these abovementioned blogs/blogbooks), to enable interested persons to easily cross-check with the original source.

Note that this permission applies only to MY CONTENT in the above blogs and DOES NOT APPLY to content I have used from elsewhere (e.g. wikipedia) which I have made every attempt to clearly show as having been taken from elsewhere or from somebody else, and have given the appropriate references on the Internet whenever possible. If any content on the above blogs are not shown as having been taken from elsewhere or from somebody else other than me, then it can be presumed that that content is MY CONTENT.

In the case of those posts in the above mentioned blogs that already have another license (like Creative Commons CC-BY), then the permission given here (freer than CC-BY, I guess) overrides the CC-BY license, for MY CONTENT.

This permission also applies to all future posts I will make on the above blogs.

--- end permission to freely reuse section ---

[P.S. A copy of the above post contents in a text file named, "Permission to Reuse Blogbooks n Blogs.txt", has been placed in the public Google Drive folder mentioned at the beginning of this post.]


Update on 21st Feb. 2017: I felt it appropriate to give extracts of a Facebook comment exchange from my blog post,, dated. Feb. 2017

Terry Reis Kennedy wrote:
Many people just love your writing, Ravi S. Iyer. But hardly any take the time to express themselves. Usually, they don't understand how difficult writing and researching and organizing are. Readers assume that writers just sit down and toss things off the top of their heads.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Thanks once again, Terry Reis Kennedy. My writing style could surely be better. However I have consciously chosen to focus on truthful capture, analysis and sharing using a hurried software developer/software analyst kind of writing style. If I take more time to polish the English language in the posts, I will not be able to cover as much ground as I do now. In other words, I am focusing on quickly logging the data and the analysis, and not bothering so much about writing style and ease of comprehension for the reader.

This leaves open the possibility that somebody down the line finds some of this content useful and decides to change the presentation of the content using more polished English language and better organization perhaps. Note that I have clearly written on my blog associated with these posts that any of my content in these blog posts can be FREELY REUSED in any way (including adaptation). That also leaves open the possibility of somebody, acting as an editor of interested posts (my content part) on my blog, creating a copyrighted work which can earn the person money (for the time & effort put in). Note that the copyright and money would be for the edited work and will NOT impact the original work being free for anybody to see and reuse.

I am not interested in having any part of such money earned by such editing work, and I would be happy for the person who earned some money from some edited versions of my posts.

Terry Reis Kennedy wrote:
Earning money for writing is so difficult. You need to find the publisher first....who really wants the work. then you give him/her what he wants......

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Thanks for your experienced view, Terry Reis Kennedy. I think earning money for spiritual writings would be even more difficult!

I think that is why a lot of spiritual writings stuff, including editing I guess, is done by spiritual aspirants who view that work as a sadhana/spiritual effort, rather than a money earning opportunity. However, sometimes they may keep a money earning angle, at least to recover costs incurred for the work they have done.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
I should also add that low-cost-publishing (also called self-publishing if I recall correctly) seems to have come of age in India. So people can come out with printed copies of their books, at their own cost. However, book sales without the marketing effort and sales channels that a regular & reputed publisher provides, is another matter altogether.

I got some exposure to such low-cost-publishing as a correspondent of mine, a senior Indian computer scientist, Mathai Joseph, used that route or similar route, to publish his book, Digital Republic, I mean, he did not have a regular publisher like Penguin as I think the regular Indian publishers were (perhaps rightly) skeptical of the market in India for such a book. Note that the site has review comments from some top people in Indian and international IT field.

I approached Sai Towers to put up his book on their shop window, which they agreed to when I provided a free copy for that purpose to them. But nobody showed interest in buying it even though it was there on the shop window for months!

You would know more about these Indian "self-publishing" websites. But here's one such site's plans:, in case you want to have a look.

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